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Types of Marine Survey 
Prepurchase Survey

A Prepurchase Survey is completed when someone is in the process buying a vessel. It is an overall comprehensive survey that includes operational testing of all systems and equipment, as well as a sea trial. The vessel is typically inspected both in and out of the water. Its primary purpose is to provide the potential buyers with the information that they need to make an informed purchase decision. It may also be used to satisfy insurance company and bank loan requirements. Essentially, they want to know the vessel’s current market value and that it is a good risk.

Condition and Valuation Survey

A condition and valuation survey is normally completed for insurance purposes. An insurance C&V survey may be done with the vessel either afloat or ashore, depending on the insurance carrier’s requirements, and doesn’t necessarily require a sea trial or operational testing of all equipment and systems. Each insurance company has their own set of requirements as to what age/size vessel needs a survey, and what the survey report should include. This is especially true for vessels made from anything other than fiberglass (wood, steel, aluminum). The information contained in an insurance C&V survey report is not sufficient to make an informed decision regarding the purchase of the vessel.

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